"Welcome/Bless” Poem


Printed in the Wedding Program.  We recommend that this Welcome Poem not be more than 8 lines. Your guests can read this while waiting for the ceremony to start and enter into the mood of your wedding.  

Pre-designed “Welcome/Bless” Poem.     Price:  $100/4 lines.  $125/5,6 lines.  $150/7,8 lines.

Custom “Welcome/Bless” Poem.     Price:  $150/4 lines,  $195/5,6 lines, $245/7,8 lines
(Uniquely express your feelings, or use a few lines from your “Theme Poem”).  Must include a Theme Poem for this price.


No examples of copyrighted “Welcome to Guests” Poetry are available here:

[We have 2 “Welcome to Guests” Poems that are only accessible via our clients passwords.]