Prices of each style of Poetry and Toasts are listed on their webpages. This page is for your convenience to help you evaluate your wedding budget. Your "Theme Poem" and various other Poems and Toasts will comprise the collection which we supply to you. We recommend a finely crafted leather album to hold your treasury of poetry, providing a reviewable source of joy for many years. Please go to the Packages link on the top navigation bar of our website for the package prices.

Theme Poem:       $600--$1600.      Rush Orders under 6 weeks are double normal prices.

Custom designed Secret Love Poems, custom Reception, and custom Toasts (must include a theme poem for these prices).     $300--$600.     Rush Orders--see above note.

Custom designed Welcome/Bless Poems (must include a theme poem for this price). $125--$245.     Rush Rush Orders--see above note.

Non-custom Poems:     $75--$150.     Does not include Theme Poems.

Presentation albums with Poetry and Toasts included:     $250--$350.

Custom Framing with Poems:     $120--$220.