Framed Love Poems at the Reception

Two Styles of Love Poem

1. We can create a new Love Poem that better expresses your feelings and contains some of the lines of your Theme Poem.

Price Range: $300--$600
Production Time: 6-8 Weeks

(Framing is not included)

2. You can choose from a selection of pre-designed “Lovers” Poetry.

Price Range: $75--$150
(Framing is not included)


We recommend the placement of several appropriate framed “Lovers” Poems placed on small tables against the walls (framed in flowers). Click here for Framestyles


We recommend that these “Lovers” Poem be between 4 and 12 lines.


Example of Copyrighted “Lovers” Poetry:

[Note we have 5 other “Love” Poems that are only accessible via our clients passwords.] 



Pleasant Friend

© 1997 Andrew Mealey, All Rights Reserved.

Tender bird

Open your wings

Show me your heart

And I will open mine.

Tender friend

Gently touch my face

Softly love me

And sing in my embrace.

The stars in the heavens

Shine warm on your face.

The beauty of evening

Is pure in your eyes.

Pleasant Friend.