“Guest Book/Welcome” Poem


Framed and displayed along-side the Couple Photo near the Guest Book.   Click here for Framestyles   We recommend that this Welcome Poem be 3 or 4 lines so everyone has a chance to read it and enter into the mood of the wedding.



Pre-designed “Guest-Book” Poem.     Price:  $75 for 3 lines,  $100 for 4 lines.


Custom “Guest-Book” Poem.     Price:  $125 for 3 lines,  $175 for 4 lines.
(Uniquely express your feelings, or use a few lines from your “Theme Poem”).  Must include a Theme Poem for this price.



Example of Copyrighted, 3 line “Guest-Book” Poetry:

[We have 2 other Guest-Book Poems that are only accessible via our clients passwords.] 



Greetings from Charles and Melissa


Today our two futures sink one root into now.

We shall grow together into happiness,

Becoming our vision of a beautiful tomorrow.