Engagement Party Announcement

Several Ways to Present


1.“Engagement Party” Poem framed and displayed along-side the Couple Photo near the Guest Book of the Engagement Party.   Click here for Framestyles


We recommend that this poem not be more than 5 lines so everyone has a chance to read it and enter into the mood of the wedding.


2. Surprise!!!

“Engagement Party” Poem is read aloud by the person/s announcing the engagement after instructions of a game demand that the winner of the game name those chosen person/s who must read the description of the site of the hidden treasure from the note/s they have hidden on their bodies.


3. Surprise!!!

Lights dim or blink on-off and then Host quiets crowd, and tells them that an important announcement will be made tonight that will influence every future party in that circle of friends.  Then, the announcement.


You can decide between a selection of pre-designed “Engagement Party” Poetry, we can design a new poem that better expresses your feelings, or use a few lines from your wedding day “Theme Poem”.